You Talk Too Much and You Never Shut Up, lol!

You could do better if you knew better, so you best check yourself before you wreck yourself- know what I’m sayin’ yo?

Why is it that once people buy a cell phone all their social graces go out the door. They should make you take a cell phone etiquette class before they allow you to sign a contract kind of like taking a drivers test before you get your drivers license. ‘Cause I tell you some people just do not need to be out in public places armed with a cell phone. They are just over the top. Many people would argue that it is those BlackBerry Junkies aka CrackBerry Addicts that use their BlackBerry’s 24 x 7.

Each time you are pressed to answer that phone on the first or second ring you look just like a trained dog. Sit Sparky. Roll over Sparky. Go Fetch Sparky. Does your boss have you in check like that? Or worse yet your significant other, lol? If you jump everytime your phone rings you really should be ashamed over yourself. You bought it for an ‘emergency’ yet that is not at all what you use it for. It is like your convenience leash. Yes it’s convenient alright, for someone else.

Cell phones cause drama. Let me repeat that, cell phones cause drama. Of course there are no studies about how it affects people and the socialization process who let it dictate their lives but think about for one moment how angry the other person calling you will get when you don’t answer your cell phone right away. Quote, ‘Why Have a Cell Phone if You Aren’t Going to Answer it?” unquote. And the survey says: Perhaps I just don’t feel like talking to you every time you call. With that being said better think twice about who you give your phone number to. That very ‘special’ person in your life is great to talk to until the one day they start leaving scathing messages in your voice mail box and threatening your livelihood. My advice, have a special phone number for those special people and only give it to the special people. When the special people start calling you and making you crazy you can change the phone number for the new special people in your life :)

Aside from the relationship drama, think about the drama you cause in general with your complete lack of self-awareness. You are an adult or young adult and you are not in your little 72 degree suburban house, in your little suburban bedroom, with your own Plasma Screen TV and your own DVD Player. You are in the real world. Not that you really care, but everyone around you thinks that ‘you suck’ because you are making your very personal conversation public. You are just giving fodder to all the citizen journalists of the world like me. So, ladies and gentlemen alike, every morning on your way into the office don’t walk down the street talking to your friend about your sensationalized ‘special night’ being all loud and ghetto (I am talking across ALL races here) about where you went, what cool people you hung out with, OMG who you saw with who and doing what, how much you drank and who you ultimately hooked up with. If you are into making your personal business that public and you think that you are the coolest person in the world because of it then ‘blog’ it-ok? And let’s see how the world responds.

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