How to Become a Cell Phone Affiliate

Dear Evangelist of Cell Phone Help and Training,

Thanks for your interest in my cell phone affiliate program. As you know, I have a very unique and high-value information website with products that’s selling really well, but I could use a wee bit more help in spreading the word. The Internet is so big and vast and I simply can't reach as many people by myself as me and you can collectively. So, I have a great opportunity for you.

Here’s How You Can Help!

Help me spread the word about my exclusive line of products AND you’ll earn BIG Commissions as an expression of my sincerest thanks! I'll pay you up to 25% commission on every single sale you refer, through My Cell Phone Affiliate Program.

What's a Cell Phone Affiliate Program?

Countless companies on the Web currently use affiliate programs to help sell their products and services. It's a win-win situation for both the seller and the company: The seller (YOU) will get a commission (almost like a referral or finder’s fee), and the company (ME) will get a sale it otherwise would not have. The best thing about being an Affiliate is that you never have to touch one single product. Once you activate your F.REE Cell Phone Affiliate Account, you will receive a special code to put on your website or in your ezine or blog. Anytime someone clicks on that link and buys a product I’ll know from your special code that YOU sent them to me. You don’t have to manage inventory, or ship product or handle phone calls. It really is THAT SIMPLE!

What Do I Get as a Cell Phone Affiliate?

• Up to 25% commission on every sale referred by you
• Unlimited earning potential
• Fast and reliable payments as often as every month
• Real-time, accurate sales tracking. You even get an e-mail every time you make a sale.

What Will I Be Promoting?

We have several products and services that you can earn commissions on:

1. My Wireless Special Reports, all unique to Group Interactive, Inc. Pays a 25% commission on each report. Available for order now!

2. My Complete Library of Wireless Audio Visual CD’s which currently sell for $39 to $199 means you will earn anywhere from $9.75 to $49.75 per sale! Launching Jan 5, 2008

3. My “One of a Kind” 8 Week Wireless Boot Camp which retails for $1,995 (pays 15% commission which = $299.25 per course sold). Launching Jan 5, 2008

And our product portfolio is always expanding! We usually add a new info product or CD to our Wireless Information Library every 4-6 weeks. So there is always something new and exciting to sell.

Who Can Become a Cell Phone Affiliate?

Anyone, whether an individual or a business as long as they:

1. Only use ethical marketing methods to promote The Cell Phone Help and Training Programs. We will NOT tolerate anyone promoting our products via unsolicited e-mail marketing (or "spam").

2. Do not promote the Cell Phone Help and Training products via sites or marketing that contain offensive content.

3. Do not use their affiliate links for their own Cell Phone Help and Training purchases.

How Do I Get Paid?

You'll get a check mailed directly to you as often as every month, as long as you've acquired at least $50 in commissions. Our shopping cart system keeps track of everything and sends you a report of all your sales or lets you go online and track your sales or commissions whenever you like. It couldn't be simpler!

So Are You Ready to Get Started?

Sign up here to get started and begin earning more money and passive income as a cell phone affiliate today.

Here's to a very prosperous relationship!

Love and Laughter,


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