Have You Leashed Your Wireless Mutt?

So what on Earth is a Wireless Mutt you ask? Well unless you are one of my customers or 'personal' friends, chances are you wouldn't know. It's not an actual term, I just made it up :) I often to do that because I hate the industry terms. They are not even terms they are more like letters and acronyms. And those letters and acronyms are used to describe other letters and acronyms. It is such a silly system. So over the years I have just made up terms, that sound like they could really be industry terms and I put them in the Shonik'tionary.

Short and Sweet

In this section we will discuss some different kinds of wireless mutts and how to get them spayed or neutered, lol:
* VoIP 'Cell Phone' (almost...but not quite).
* Leashing the Wireless Mutt

Nice and Slow

A wireless mutt is a mobile HYBRID handheld device that is a combination of a wireless-cellular device and some other kind of technology. For instance, a BlackBerry 8820, it has cellular and it has Wi-Fi. Wireless Mutts are well, not really good for the industry right now. The reason I came up with the term was because it was the simplest way to explain to my customers about why it is so difficult to properly care and maintain these kinds of devices.

Take for instance if you have a pure bloodline dog, you know all about its family line, preferred foods, grooming techniques etc. But then what if you have this stray dog from the pound, a mutt essentially. It may be cute and all and could have the looks of a labrador with the attitude of cocker spaniel (they are not really attack dogs or or anything but you know they are famous for just getting a wild hair every now and again and just then they just go bananas).

So essentially, who knows what lies ahead with the management of these devices. Yes, I have a theory on it of course. And you can read all about it in my f.ree Special Report 'Ruh Roh....Leashing the Wireless Mutt: How to Manage and Train America's New Mixed Breed Litter of Wireless Puppies'. Please see the link in the following section for a free pdf download (no purchase necessary) :)

You Just Had to Ask

* VoIP 'Cell Phone'(almost, but not quite).
* Free Special Report: Leashing the Wireless Mutt

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