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Cell Phone Help and Training is a content rich website providing all kinds of information on all aspects of cell phone (Blackberry and PDA) support and common problems. As the site is geared towards frustrated cell phone users it only made sense to make it into a simplified format. That format is as follows:

The Breakdown

The primary categories or topics that the website covers can be found on the left side navigation menu.

Each of those categories has a dedicated web page which you can access by clicking on any of the navigational links on the left side menu.

Site Map

The Site Map briefly explains the content that can be found under each of the topics found on the navigational links on the left side of the page. You can find the sitemap here.

Each primary page is broken into 3 sections that are dependent on the kind of information you are looking for and how much time you have to obtain and research the information.

Short and Sweet
Gives you a quick overview of all the topics covered in the section. If you see the topic you are looking for you can quickly scroll to the bottom of the section "You Just Had to Ask" to find supporting information on that specific topic.

Nice and Slow
Gives you a more elaborate description of all of the content found within the site for those who are information hungry and have time to read through more detail.

You Just Had to Ask
This section can be found at the bottom third of each page and provides links to more detailed articles, training tools, products, how to information or videos and other supporting information on each of the short and sweet topics. Understand that these will be links but because this is the last part of the site that I am building for each section it will take a little longer to get the links activated, but bear with me as during the month of October (2007) they should all be going live at some point.

Progression of Site

As the site covers 15 years of experience, there is a tremendous amount of information that needs to be covered, to say the least. Right now my website blueprint on basic topics (not including my resource pages and links, videos, user generated content or current trends and such) already exceeds more than 100 pages. So as opposed to wait until I have completely laid out the entire site, I have found it is easier and keeps the information current and relevant if I upload a few pages daily. This means that the links and information will continue to grow each week. I will also upload a sitemap for ease of use.

Media, potential advertisers and the general public can reach us by using the dedicated links found on the left (near the bottom of the menu) or you can also reach me through the 'Webmastress' Section.

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