Be One With Your Cell Phone :)

Since 1993 I have had the rare but wonderful opportunity to work on the service and support line directly face to face with the customer, sometimes getting screamed at and cussed out in close range, ;-). I am one of few people in the industry who can say I have TRULY seen and worked with the industry from the inside AND the outside. It makes your service and training approach 100% different when you have had this experience.

I can completely relate when a customer says, the industry is 'unapproachable', 'confusing', 'decentralized' or when they feel they have exhausted all resources to solve what seems to be a very 'simple' problem. It also helps that I don't speak geek, so I have a knack with techno phobic or first time users. By empowering my customers I am able to help evolve my industry.

About This Site:

On this website I will share with you hundreds of pages of information, proven resources, products, tools and how-to information that was acquired through my many years of personal experience. Rest Assured: Everything has been 'translated' from its original language which was 'technical mumbo jumbo'.


These are a Few Things You Will Discover on this Website:

* Tons of Hard to Find 'Practical' Answers
* Offbeat (but fun) Cellular and Wireless Topics
* Everything presented in simple to understand language
* Hundreds of pages of information, tools and resources
* Step by Step Training and Instruction as needed
* Cell Phone Company ‘Neutral’
* Help for Billing, Phone and Service Related Issues
* Help for BlackBerry’s and Smartphones
* Range of Help for Cellular Newbies to Novice Users
* It's a little nice & a lil' naughty…I'm a Gemini (the twins, lol)

The other way you can be sure to get information in a timely manner is to stay in contact with us via our monthly Ezine, Full Signal. You'll get it delivered to your mailbox once a month.

We respect your email privacy. Rest assured we will NEVER rent, sell or trade your email address.

HOW?: Over the years I have developed an uncanny knack for training and solving many a wireless problems on the fly (even the most complex ones) as well as explaining very technical concepts in non technical terms. But I have to tell you- even I still find many things about the industry complex, disconnected, somewhat confusing or a little backwards. So I know for many consumers, especially those lacking technical expertise that even the most basic things are probably 1000x more confusing than what I find it. By nature, I have already visited many websites for cellular and wireless support. Quite a few are pretty informative however the information is presented in such a way that it is assumed you already have some understanding of the industry or what you are looking for. Hence, the creation of this site.

STILL NEED HELP?: Take a look around, I hope that you find exactly what you are looking for. If not, please don't hesitate to contact me I look forward to any comments, suggestions or ideas that you want to share.

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