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Family Plans are plans that have a set fee and set amount of minutes inclusive of minimal 2 phones and can usually include up to a maximum of 4 or 5 phones all sharing a group of minutes for a flat rate. These plans are almost always inclusive of unlimited calling between those family members. These plans are ideal for families, spouses & couples and also small and home based business practices or for non-profits that only have a couple of employees and don’t anticipate growing much larger than that.

Short and Sweet

In this section we are going to talk about Family Plans and how they can work (for and against you). We'll also discuss:
* How to deal with that out of control teen bill
* Children & Cell Phones
* Family Calling Plans and Programs

Nice and Slow

The family calling plan can be a wonderful way for families to enter the cell phone market and be able to freely use their cell phones to communicate with each other. The only downfalls are that families don't usually want to talk to each other ;-) and that the family plans are seldom advertised. No worries, though, all you have to do is ask for the family plan offerings when you go into your local retail store or your call in to order your cell phone service. How the calling plan works is you must activate a minimum of 2 phones on the calling plan and dependent on the cell phone company you can get up to 5 lines of service activated on the account. The phones will share a set amount of minutes, meaning each user does not have a set amount of minutes. They have a collective amount of minutes that they can each use and provided that their usage combined for the month does not exceed that amount of minutes then they will not be charged overcalls. 'True' family plans include include unlimited calling (at no additional charge) to every person who is activated on the plan (not necessarily on the account).

Family plans are not limited to families. They are also ideal for very small companies and home based businesses and small non profits where there may be just 2 or 3 people who need use of a mobile phone. That way instead of running up minutes by always calling back to your office you can call from your cell phone to the company cell phone as much as you need to since you will have unlimited calling. The plans generally include voice mail, caller id and other standard features, however, they don't always include unlimited nights and weekends so be sure to ask what services are inclusive before you commit to the service contract. Also, if there is one person in the family who by nature is a high volume user who just loves to talk and talk and talk, then most times it is more feasible if they are activated on an independent calling plan with a mobile to mobile add on that allows unlimited calling to members of the family. While the other members of the family can all share the same family calling plan. Be advised that the family will most likely not have unlimited calling to the other phone as the unlimited mobile to mobile calling and its restrictions are limited to your cell phone company of choice.

You Just Had to Ask

* How you can control that out of control teen bill
* Children & Cell Phones
* Family Calling Plans and programs

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