You Go Gadget Girl!

From traditional men environments like extreme sports to online gaming, little girls and big girls alike are definitely starting to control their fair share of that market space.

But reality for those making products for that market---although it is quite cute, you don't have to necessarily make *everything* pink to get us to take notice and buy it ;-)

Motorola RAZR V3 Pink for Cingular Wireless

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy showed us that 'aesthetically pleasing things' that incorporate good quality and good design is important to everyone, regardless of price. Not all guys are couch potatoes and leave the toilet seat up. Case in point, at my local hair salon I see just as many guys as girls getting manicures and pedicures every week. And for the record not all women say 'ewww' and jump on chairs when they see a mouse, ok, ok, a spider is another story :)

Short and Sweet

In this section we will talk about how women work, live and play in their mobile lifestyle.
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Nice and Slow

Long gone are the days of Holly Housewife and the domestic diva. Women are emerging in all kinds of industries and causing everybody to take notice. It is definitely healthy for the market. We helped to break that vicious Wal Mart mentality. They really put us over the top with the Made in China philosopphy. China can duplicate real stuff. It's just that all the companies are so pressed with a little more profit that they would rather make garbage with the cheapest poorest quality materials ever so that every 3 months we can buy replacements and help them improve their quarterly numbers. I mean for crying out loud can't somebody make a decent quality mop that is not all plastic with strings that shed after 1 use. Although I cook almost daily (not microwave) and I clean my own house, don't mistake me for a well-trained woman. My environment is important to me and I feel that I am responsible for that. You obviously can tell I don't have children or a TV ;-)

Nevertheless, I have to say that men need to be thankful for us women in this 'underserved market', lol. Because of all the high tech and gaming companies targeting us, the packaging is starting to get somewhat creative and more presentable and the devices are starting to get smaller and sleeker. Amen to that. And all along you thought it was because technology was advancing? Uhhhh no. Market share boo- it's all about growth potential and increasing that bottom line.

Look at the controller on the WII. If someone would have offered that to a guy 5 years ago, he would have been like NO WAY. That is not a 'real man's' controller. That is a kiddie controller or a girlie controller. And look at all the games that have cutesie women and girl characters who are not wielding heavy artillery and flaunting their disproportionate anime enhanced hips and breasts. That totally opens up the whole 'little girl' and 'tween' gaming market. I tel you, it is all coming together now.

In fact, let me just take it one step further. I am actually surprised that men are into online gaming. It is a total communal thing which is often profiled as a 'girly girl' thing. Maybe this is all just a conspiracy theory. They release statistics that say that women are increasing in the gaming market by leaps and bounds to encourage more men to sign up and take back control of their 'territory'.

Women rule. We are so taking over the world with man servants and all :)

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* Make Mine Pink
* Resources for Mobile Mom's

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