How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers

Most times people trace cell phone numbers or do reverse phone numbers because they are being stalked or harassed. This can be from males, females or even telemarketers. As there is no online 'public cell phone directory' that provides you with a way to look up numbers, there are a number of companies that have managed to compile cell phone numbers and contact information from public records that allow others to trace most cell phone numbers. This is yet another reason why you need to be careful who you give your cell phone number to.

Decrease the Chances of Avoid Having Someone Trace Your Cell Phone Number or having a telemarketer call you (or circulating your cell phone number) believing that it is your home phone not cell phone by taking these precautions.

* U.S. Cell Phone Holders- Register your home and cell phone numbers on the National DO NOT CALL List: 1-888-382-1222.

Be selective and use common sense before you share your cell phone number.

* Trace your cell phone number using the lookup feature below (click on the link at the end). If personal information is located and you are constantly harassed, change your cell phone number and be selective to who you give it out to this time (most cell phone companies do not charge to do this).

* Call your cell phone company provider on the day you receive your cell phone and ask them to delist your phone number from public files. Be sure to tell them you would like to do this to avoid having someone able to trace your cell phone number, otherwise they may not understand your request.

* Only share your cell phone number with important people, like 'your boss/supervisor' or your spouse. If you have a VoIP phone such as Vonage, you can forward a number to your cell phone so that you don't give out your cell phone number. And you can dial *67 (same as on a landline) before placing a call from your cell phone to 'block' the phone number. This will make it less likely that someone can trace your cell phone number.

* Invest in a P.O. Box to use as your mailing address.

* Never give your cell phone number out to people you meet in a 'bar' or 'online' (no matter how 'friendly' they seem).

* When filling out applications online or in stores etc. never list your cell phone number as a primary number. It is easier to get your home phone number 'non published' than it is to try to keep your cell phone number from circulating on the internet.

If for some reason you need to do a reverse cell phone search or trace any cell phone numbers, provided you have the cell phone area code and phone number, you can get the geographic area from which the number initiated for ''. However, you will have to pay a subscription or access fee to get more detailed user/owner information. When you trace cell phone numbers the program will tell you if additonal contact information for that user is available.

Do you need to trace a cell phone number?

Note: You will need the area code and the cell phone number
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