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Looking to convert video and dvd for iphone? Everything is dependent on the file format or type you currently have your file saved in i.e. avi. If you know that then you can download a little software program, sometimes free, sometimes not, that will convert your video files to a format that can be played and viewed on your iphone. It's almost like taking a song from your dvd and converting it to play as a ring tone on your cell phone. It's the same principle but with a different type of media.

Before you get started be sure to read my page on cell phone viruses. While they are still relatively unknown, they do exist. Also, before you download any programs, my personal rule of thumb and best practice is to Back Up ALL Your Data First.

So you ready to get started?

On this page this is mainly for converting your DVD's to your iphone. But I do have another page on my site if you need software to convert your avi to iphone (and all the programs are free that are on that page).

There are tons of conversion options from the 'must have video on iphone now' to 'I want it for my iphone, ipod and Apple TV'. Have a look through and hopefully you will find something that works for you. Remember some are free and others cost a nominal one time fee. The fee that you pay is for the software itself and includes unlimited use of the software. You will not be charged every time you download a video after that. I know it seems like common sense for some people, but I get asked that question a lot for tech newbies who are not familiar with how conversion software works.

Impatient? Anxious? Hyper?

PQ offers one of the fastest converters on the market. Convert DVD to iPhone Video in One Click; Compatible with iPhone 4G/8G and iPod 30G/60G/80G; Up to 4x faster than other software.

Got Mac?
DVD to iPhone Converter for Mac - Mac DVD iPhone converter. can convert DVD to iPhone video as a Mac DVD to iPhone converter which put DVD on iPhone mobile, and Mac DVD to iPhone ...

What can be cheaper than Free?

Software for Apple iPhone DVD ripping free download to convert video and DVD to iPhone and transfer DVD movie to iPhone mobile.

Rip DVD to iPhone,Convert iPhone video,iPhone Rip,iPhone Movie
IMTOO allows you to rip and convert DVD to iPhone video MPEG-4, DVD to iPhone MP4 widescreen; rip and convert DVD to iPhone audio MP3, WAV; iPhone Video Converter

DVD to iPhone Converter - put/convert DVD to iPhone, iPhone converter
Xilisoft allows you to rip and convert DVD to iPhone video MPEG-4, MP4 and iPhone MP4 widescreen. Rip and convert DVD to iPhone audio MP3, WAV etc.

Magicbit DVD to iPhone Converter is a powerful DVD video to iPhone video conversion tool. Convert DVD direct to iPhone and iPod video format or MP3, M4A.

Jesterware UK, DVD to iPhone rips, copies and converts DVD movies to Apple iPhone, iPhone video and audio files. MP4, AVC, H.264, MP3, AAC. Easy to use User Interface.

Apple TV, iSkySoft
It can both convert DVD to iPhone video and convert DVD audio to iPhone. And apart from iPhone. iSkysoft DVD to iPhone can also rip DVD to iPod and Apple TV.

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