Free avi to iphone

Looking for a free avi to iphone software conversion that is NOT a trial program? I got it :)

Following you will find a page of programs that are all free downloads that can be used to convert your avi video format to iphone. Yes, you heard me right, you can convert your avi videos to iphone for FREE and being the thoughtful person that I am, I also included options for Mac Users. So how cool is that?

Before you get started be sure to read my page on cell phone viruses. While they are still relatively unknown, they do exist. Also, before you download any programs, my personal rule of thumb and best practice is to Back Up ALL Your Data First.

Ok, so are you ready to get started? Well here are few options for you to choose from:

This one's my personal favorite Free avi to iphone software

Mac AVI Converter

And here are a few others to choose from:

AVI to iphone download

Mac on the right, & Windows on the Left

If you want to rip or convert your dvd's to view on your iphone, I have a page dedicated to that topic as well.

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