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Then let me hear from you. No worries if you think it's the stupidest question in the world...We are all entitled to those every now and again and I promise to laugh quietly to myself and not hold it against you :)

One of my biggest peeves is visiting a website or reading an article and taking the time to locate the appropriate party to contact. I submit feedback or personal comment to the company and then nobody responds back. Totally pees me off. Sometimes people truly suck don't they?

I don't think that it matters much whether or not you agree, disagree, want to offer a compliment or constructive criticism...essentially there is something in you that makes you compelled to connect with people and companies that inspire, motivate or frustrate you. This is evolution at its core, lol.

So just fill out the form below with whatever's on your mind and tell me whether or not you require a personal response (I even made a 'special' question for it. See how much I care?) ;-) Unlike your friends in the IM chat room, don't expect me to reply to your message instantaneously, however, I will get back to you *sooner than later*.

With Much Gratitude,


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