How to Be One With Your Cell Phone :)

Do you have Ebb & Flow on the go? Cell Phone Bliss is about the natural rhythm of you and your cell phone and the complete happiness that comes when you are both in sync. Like your cell phone, your body is full of 'technology' so you have to take special care to make sure that all your vital systems are properly and regularly maintained and that your respective operating systems have all the latest upgrades and are compatible. This ensures that you both will have optimal performance with minimal viruses and/or system crashes.

Short and Sweet

In this section you will learn about the happiness and joy of cell phone ownership (which is rarely publicized) and learn how you can prevent going to 'cell phone owners anger management classes':) You will become one with your cell phone or BlackBerry and discover:

* Resources for personalizing your phone such as wallpapers, games, ringtones, skinz and accessories
* Thumb Exercises and Thumb Massages
* The lastest cell phone trends
* Problem Solving and Mobile Moxie
* Tools and programs that will help simplify your life
* Cell Phone Etiquette

Nice and Slow

Cell phones are very personal things. Think of people and their cell phones and how they model their behavior around them. When they learn to use them they often try to do things and set up features similar to the way they commonly do on other technological related gadgets and gizmos they own. They set up wallpapers, re arrange icons and menu layouts, put their favorite ringtones on it and store their calendars and phone book entries. Ironically, the wireless industry is very hands off and *non-personal*. It is kind of like consumers have to fend for themselves and it's a take it or leave it mentality. As a result many cell phone customers experience 'cell phone bliss' only for a short time, usually from the time they purchase their phone with the natural excitement that surrounds that up until the point they get their first bill and then it's all down hill from there ;-).

What they failed to realize was that the cell phone bliss technically ended during the initial purchasing process and all the drama could have been avoided if they were a more informed buyer, instead they simply purchased on 'trust and ignorance'. Unfortunately, the industry has not been very nice in spelling things out clearly or making user friendly resources so customers are going to still be ignorant of alot of 'goings-on' within the industry because the information they should know is simply not out there or not presented correctly.

How the drama and mistrust begins
A customer walks into a retail store and wants to buy a phone. The sales representative is very pleasant and seems knowledgeable and genuine. The customer has a 'seemingly' wonderful and above satisfactory experience and feel they have gotten a great deal. What they failed to realize is that (1) It is no longer a 'phone-in-a-box' so once they get the phone home it won't be as easy as read the manual and figure it out and voila you're good to go and (2) while the sales representative was rambling through all the bells and whistles and nifty things the phone could do they could have easily as mentioned the added fees activation, pro-rated bill, pro rated minutes AND the shocking first bill that will soon arrive. And even if they briefly mentioned it, the customer is still caught up in the moment and saying 'YES to all' so they should have put a little slip in the box, that says that once your first bill comes don't go through the roof. :)

So essentially, in creating cell phone bliss it is both an industry and a personal responsibility. Industry professionals need to treat customers better and individual users need to ask more questions and treat their cell phones better! A happy user and a happy cell phone minimizes resources and improves emotional and social well-being of all. An educated and informed customer who is on the proper cell phone plan also help$ to improve the bottom line. With a manageable and predictable monthly bill the customer would be more likely to see the value add in purchasing other personalized application$ and $ervices when they have a reasonable, low maintenance, productivity enhancing tool instead of a time $ucking, problem infiltrated, hard-to-use device....with an expen$ive monthly bill.

Cell Phone Bliss and You

* Spend more time with your sales representative during the initial purchase- ask for a personal training on your device, ask lots of questions including if there are 'added fees' other than the ones mentioned and asked what are the industry trends and what types of services others in your profession are using

* When new devices or services come out, visit your local store on occasion and find out how the services could benefit you and learn the industry and cell phone company terms for the products so that you can further research it

* Do your due diligence by researching new products and services on the web and by reading respected industry trade publications such as Fierce Wireless, Wireless Week and RCR News

* Keep your phone conversations to 20 minutes or less- the more you use your cell phone, the more 'problems you will notice and experience' and the more those problems will start to aggravate and annoy you

* Do thumb exercsises daily. While BlackBerry Thumb put the physical condition in public eye, the problem existed long before then. Use Chinese Medicine Balls or Stress Relief Balls or simply stretch your thumbs daily. If you are a corporate executive or a person who travels alot and heavily relies on their handheld email device take advantage of a Thumb Massage, now offered at many of the major hotels.

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Want to have a happy phone?

* Keep your phone out of your pocket, away from your body and out of the shower. The condensation generated by your body heat or from being in the hot shower will cause 'Water Damage' in due time. Water damage is not covered under warranty and it is not repairable.

* Keep your phone conversations to 20 minutes or less and use a headset or hands free kit in your car. If you are in a bad coverage area (one or two signal bars) don't use your phone. Your phone has to work harder in these areas and emits more radiation, not to mention you sound gurgly anyway and it is major frustration waiting to happen.

* Protect your phone with a soft carry case or pouch. It helps it from getting all scratched and dinged up and decreases the chances of getting a busted LCD Screen (usually the most expensive phone repair) or a busted internal antenna (why your signal might suck sometime). How would you feel if you got dropped on the concrete face first?

* Personalize your phone to make it uniquely you with wallpapers, ring tones and skinz. Remember you have to keep it for 2 years. So make it something you enjoy spending time with. * Give it a break. Yes, your phone has a life too. When you take personal time, give your phone some personal time as well.

* Keep the phone in its original housing. I know it looks cool and all especially for teenagers but you void the warranty when you take it out of the original housing and all the parts don't fit as snug when you switch the housing.

* Clean your phone occasionally (once every other month is ideal). Use an old toothbrush (or get a set from the dollar store) to brush out the charging or opens ports (place where you plug your charger, USB/data cable and/or headset and also the blackberry thumbball). Use a q tip with a very very small dab of rubbing alcohol to clean off the gold battery contacts (where the battery charges and on the battery itself). Let the contacts dry for a minimum of 5 minutes before putting the battery back in.

* Keep it away from children and pets. Not only for its own well being and to keep it in one piece but also because a child's brains and nervous system is still developing and radiation testing and impact is still being researched. The potential harm is still there and is obviously much greater in children with minimal use than adults with high use. If you want them to say hi to Grandma or mommy or daddy do it from the speaker phone portion or the earpiece do not let them hold the phone directly against their head.

You Just Had to Ask

* Resources for personalizing your phone such as wallpapers, games, ringtones, skinz and accessories
* Thumb Exercises and Thumb Massages
* The lastest cell phone trends
* Problem Solving and Mobile Moxie
* Tools and programs that will help simplify your life
* Cell Phone Etiquette

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