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While I am certainly not one for shortcuts or the 'get rich quick' mentality, I AM about empowering others especially through shared and communal knowledge and resources. Granted we are all at different points in our lives, you have to admit that some things are universal, finding true happiness and having financial freedom usually rank in the top. There are many things out there that can help us advance to this point and in some cases you think you may have figured it out (again) or on the contrary you feel that you will NEVER figure it out.

Stay the Path, It's So Simple That It's Complex

From my own experiences I will say that that getting on the path that you want to be and staying on it is so simple that it's complex. Having good follow through and building on that knowledge contributes to a large part of your ultimate success. Everyone gets so easily distracted or never think that they have enough '???' [enter your excuse here]. You have to realize that most times good is good enough. It is our natural tendency to look at something printed, published, created and say to ourselves, Oh, I knew that already, how did this get printed/published/manufacturer? 'I can do better'. When instead we should be asking ourselves, 'Why Aren't I Doing Better?' For starters, don't get lost and distracted in the frustration of the moment. Create something and get it out there even if it is very utilitarian in nature. Get feedback and keep tweaking it and making it better. Because what you may think is the greatest thing in the world people may think the opposite and you will have to go back and change it anyway. Or you will take so long to put something together it will ultimately become dated or not fun for you anymore.

Look at this website for instance. It has everything you want and need to fix your cell phone problems right? But it's not pretty or flashy. You probably find it simple and easy to navigate, hence you will probably visit it again. Same thing with your life and your life choices. It doesn't need to be flashy. Flashy is high maintenance and causes a lot of unncessary headaches. Keep things simple and basic and 'add on' as your knowledge and resources evolve.

Share the Love

A key part of doing 'your thing' is having someone to share the experience and knowledge with (I have found a support group to be more effective if they are comprised of like minded people who are NOT personally close to you). Believe me it's much more impactful, not to mention the support system is critical to make sure you stay focused and follow through, which is truly the hard part. It's kind of like let other experts who share the passion in the field help you to build the 'vacation home' of your dreams and then all your family and friends can hang out and enjoy it when you're done :)

All the information and know how you get is probably public knowledge or available somewhere on the web whether f.ree or paid. And just because it may have taken you a long time to learn about something, discover something or make an AHA! connection it doesn't mean that you have to try to keep it to yourself.

To sum it up best, I will share with you a portion of a rhyme from a book of "thought provoking realities" (in rhyme) that I wrote. The name of the book is 'The Seuss Shall Set You Free'.


Think you're so smart, 'cause you know it all?
Be righteous and selfish and soon you will fall.
Fail to empower others and this you will see
That knowledge is available to all for free
And when pooled with others it is a powerful thing
For fools who once ruled will soon lose their reign.

Little Things Make a BIG Difference:

The following people, products and experiences have impacted my personal or professional life greatly over recent years. While they may seem small or insignificant, I certainly would not have advanced to where I am today had I not discovered these invaluable resources:

Shonika Highly Recommends....

1. The Four Hour Work Week, By Timothy Ferriss

Everyone who I have spoken to who has read this book got something different (but meaningful) out of it. So I'll tell you why I personally love this book---it shows you (what I advocate in a different way) how to leverage technology and 'global resources' human and virtual in a way that allows you to get rid of the drama and the distractions and simply live your life. I didn't find it to be literally about working a 4 hour work week as much as I found it about simplifying your life to the point where you can enjoy it AGAIN! Yes, you can! When you are aware of the vast amount of resources that are available to you and you know how to use them, it is a very powerful thing. The book is straight up content, no fluff, no filler. He even shares all of his contacts and resources and explains step by step how he created his 'vagabond entrepeneurial lifestyle'. Remember I don't own a TV so I read a lot of books. This one definitely needs to be in your personal library.

2. If You Want to Become a Powerful Person...

You must empower others. It is a strange dichotomy because people always think if you give away your 'power' that you become powerless. When it fact its quite the contrary. Give people more and they will give you more in return. Look at my website and the tons of information and resources I have provided you and all the great ideas and inspiration that my clients continue to provide me.

By nature people are always 'searching'...for a better way, an easier way, a sign, a connection. So the question is what do you have to 'offer' to the world that can help them find what they are searching for? What thing is it that do you do extremely well or love to do more than anything else? The more offbeat or obscure the better :) If it doesn't fit the mainstream, think of it as a good thing no matter how radical everyone around you think it is. If it doesn't fit the mainstream, that means it's niche and in the famous words of my business coach, Robert Moment, 'Think Niche, Grow Rich'. My niche was fixing people's cell phone problems. But over time I discovered it was silly to work strictly in consulting in a dollars for hours lifestyle, especially when people had never heard of what I did. It was discouraging not being able to reach my target market on a large scale and even if many people found me I would be limited in the number of people I could work with in a day/month and therefore be limited in the number of people I impacted. I needed a way to get the word out to a large number of people so that I could help everyone who needed my help.

As technically there are people all over the world who could benefit from my expertise, I chose Site Build It to help me spread the word, despite some false Site Build It scam reviews. It's how I found you...or how you found me (above all the other millions of cellular websites out there). The proof is in the pudding. There's a 'F.ree(dom) Prize' inside every SBI package. Site Build It....and they will come :)

3. Robert Moment, Small Business Advisor

Want to know how to start your small business? Ask Robert, my small busines coach. He knows how to do that and whole a lot more. Ultimately I chose to work with him because he is very savvy at both offline AND online marketing and he is a giving and thoughtful person. Not to mention he is just chock full of great ideas and resources. He deserves full credit for his inspiration behind my special report "How to Cancel Your Cell Phone Contract" as well as encouraging me to write articles about my industry and submit them to article directories which ultimately helped me to get my name out there on a global level and see the power of marketing my business online. He has helped me to reach a number of AHA! moments since the fall of 2005 when I met him and continues to do so every time we speak. I am truly grateful :)

4. Office of Small Business Development Utilization (OSDBU)

Are you a small business that has tried to get a Government contract before? It is mind boggling and mind numbing to say the least...and I live in Washington, DC for crying out loud :) Anyway, ultimately I have gotten government contracts (yes Prime Contracts) meaning I was the business that the contract was directly awarded to me as opposed to me being a sub contractor to some other gargantuan company. So how did I get in the door and learn the ropes? The OSDBU, I actually discovered them by mistake. I was searching for something else and I came across their website. They are like a small business resource center within each of the Federal Government Agencies. They help small businesses to learn about contracting with the Federal Government, upcoming opportunities, micropurchases (to help you get your foot in the door and build cash flow) and they show you how to build relationships with the agency's contracting officers. If you are a small business, visit OSDBU to get your cut of the Federal Government contracting pie.

5. Research in Motion (RIM), Makers of BlackBerry

Gotta Love them Canadiens-eh? They are so proud and communal...Totally love the energy AND the pro-artistic vibe every time I travel to that country. RIM has been tremendous in showing their love and support to me every since I started selling BlackBerry's back in 2003 and that is why I always reciprocate. When everyone in the industry thought that my ideas were a little out there, the folks at RIM were like--Out of this world!!!

I've been pro BlackBerry throughout the years, but somehow DC's Mayor Adrian Fenty bypassed me as the BlackBerry personality here in Washington, DC. The Board of Trade gave him a giant BlackBerry after he was elected. While it was totally great from a branding perspective I am just not feeling that. What about ???me??? who has been there with RIM through thick and thin, installing BES' for sometimes ungrateful and difficult customers, and supporting all the 'VIP' folks in DC such as him? In DC there are a lot of VIP's ;-) and you know this. Dang, give me a little credit. I was with RIM even through their lawsuit, when many people thought they wouldn't 'make it'. I continued to aggressively market and sell BlackBerry's and I would say my sales were higher during that lawsuit than ever because so many people were afraid to sell them so I took advantage of that opportunity. Look at them now. Go, go, go! Much love <3 <3 <3 to 'The Kruser', 'Tagg-meister' and of course The Honorable 'Mr. Schmidt' and 'Mr. Neal' who put their necks out there and often duked it out on the front line for me on many occasions. Beyond the personal relationships, I am just in awe by the whole 'BlackBerry Experience'.

6. Pay It Forward

I cannot emphasize it enough...the power of volunteering. It can change your life, personally and professionally. While the experiences may significantly vary, the results are always the same: you will feel a lot more better, hopeful, thankful, motivated, enriched, alive [insert your good feeling here] when you are finished than before you started. It works wonders for stressful relationships and difficult periods in your life. Try it and you will see.

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