Warning, Disclaimer and Side Note esp for Americans Who Like to Sue for Bizarre Reasons:

In my writings understand I don't mean to offend anyone or make the claim to forever end all the wireless problems and drama you have. I am not the Wireless Fairy or the Wireless Angel or the Goddess of Wireless. So don't expect to make money or improve your lifestyle or reduce 10 years off your life. Sorry- None of that is guaranteed on this site. Everything is my personal opinion and from my personal experience so if you try anything that I suggest, 'results may vary or in some cases be non existent'. I hold absolutely no responsibility for any drama that comes about from any company or relationship or transaction you make through this site.

I try to screen companies and people I work with but you know how it is, people have money problems, mortgage problems, stock problems, job problems, relationship problems, family problems and they just start flaking out and being all stupid about everything. When the relationship starts everyone's intentions are always good. I can't predict what will happen after that and neither can you. So do your own due diligence. That means research, get testimonials, ask questions and all that stuff before you enter the relationship. Then pray that everything works out. If you are extremely sensitive and you are reading something that you find offensive STOP reading and exit the site (wow, isn't that genius)? Because if I struck a nerve, it probably has to do with your own immaturity and insecurity. And why are you sick twisted people still reading this garbage and nonsense???? I made the website to provide you with info-mation and not info-tainment. If you feel so inclined you can write and tell me what it is that you just didn't like. I will look into it and if I feel that it is something that can be easily misinterpreted or miscontrued then I might remove it and even apologize (sincerely) personally to you and probably through a blog or some other impersonal way to other members of my audience who would probably find it acceptable and a nice gesture (no pr is bad pr you know)? Otherwise, I will probably just cut and paste and send the following nonsense ramblings to you: "don't visit the site and as a matter of fact stay off the Internet period, and don't have sex and don't smoke or drink alcohol, don't say curse words and don't watch TV and don't read the headlines of the trashy magazines at the supermarket checkout, don't drive a SUV better yet don't even drive a car just use public transportation or ride a bicycle with a helmet and don't forget to use the proper hand signals when you turn, move out of your house or condo and go live and work on an organic farm for free. In fact, don't even do any of that. If you truly want to live the ultimate wholesome purist lifestyle go become a buddist monk or live off the land and the Earth and save the Amazon Rainforest." end quote ###

You know, I really do try to be nice and easy going all the time but sometimes people just do straight up ignorant and selfish things that totally p--- me off (its all in the mind though). I realize I have absolutely no control over that, so I just try to steer clear of those people. And it helps that I have like 'unlimited' patience. The maximum time I am usually angry at any one person is like 3-5 minutes. I am not easily offended and I don't hold grudges. Additionally, I don't believe we always have to 'agree' with each other, we just have to learn to understand and respect each other's opinion. At least you have an opinion and are not afraid to express it. Making action not 'thinking' action is how the world moves forward and it all starts with your spoken or written thought.

Hmm, so can you tell I am Gemini, the twins and the 'communicator'?!??! ;-) I should have gone into politics or been a lawyer, lol.

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