How to Activate Your iPhone

Need to Activate Your iPhone? Not sure where to start? Are you visual, literary, naughty, technophobic? Yes, believe me there are plenty of ways to do it :)

I know that one of the most frustrating things about learning new stuff or doing stuff (especially when it comes to technology) is that we all process information in different ways. So what I have done is compiled all the possible ways you can activate your iphone and hope that one of them will work out for you. If one of them do not work for you, all I can suggest is you put that darn bong down for like 3 minutes and focus, geezo meezo ;-)

Look, Listen and Learn

If you are visual person, a right brained person or a tehnophobic person or just too darn lazy to read the manual this is a nice little You Tube Video that walks you through the steps of How to Activate Your iPhone. Don't think too hard about it. You look at the video, then you repeat it.

If you are a video snob and more into the 'professional' type videos and not the home made ones, lol, you can check out a nice little iphone set up by my friends at CNET (love those guys, although I am partial to CNET Asia ;-)).

Apple Worshippers, Cult Followers and Nazis

If G- Forbid you go somewhere other than the direct source, then what are you doing on my site for crying out loud, lol? Couldn't find the instructions on the direct site to activate your iphone?

Activate Without Providing Your Social Security #

Alright, alright, I can understand. If you are breaking out in heaves just talking about it, relax. BUT here is the deal, personal security is very important and if people can hack an iPhone or an iPhone set up website, then they can certainly get lots of information from YOU through the internet. So if you feel uncomfortable with activating your iPhone over the internet because you have to provide your Social Security number, I totally feel you. Here are the steps to activating your iphone without providing your Social Security number through the web.

So Eureka, that's it. Was it helpful?
Then bookmark me and share me with your friends when they finally get around to getting an iPhone.

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