Are You Interested in Creative Partnerships with Cell Phone Help and Training?

Attention Potential Advertisers, Corporate Sponsors and Other Creative Types: It is very important that before you contact us you review our website and learn about the culture of our company and how we present information to our target audience.

Note: Even though our advertisers work 'independent' of us and consumers should always do their due diligence before engaging in any business transaction, we are still very careful and particular about the selection of companies that we partner with or represent. We are about quality of advertisers and not quantity of advertisers. This is done in the best interest of our company and our audience. That being said, just because you are willing to pay for advertising and regardless of how much you are willing to pay does not mean that your 'offer' will be approved.

We are looking for corporate sponsors and advertisers that are knowledgeable on the cellular industry and/or people and their personal and professional growth as it related to cellular and wireless technology. We are looking for companies and industry experts that bring a unique perspective especially from the support and training aspect. These companies could include but are not limited to:

* Niche Application and Content Providers
* Mental Health and Well-Being Psychologists and Therapists
* Eco Friendly Wireless Companies
* Specialty and Niche Wireless Hardware Vendors

A website presence is helpful but not necessary. Your company or business should be people friendly and most importantly responsive to customer needs.

If you think your organization fits this profile please fill out the form below. Confidentiality of ideas and concepts are mutually respected.

Advertising & Creative Joint Ventures

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