Daniel Uribe, Lazer Bearings

Daniel Uribe, Lazer Bearings, talks about his first major public speaking gig...
I think that my audience will be enlightened, considering the fact that I'll be speaking to technology challenged CEO's from the 'microwave era' who confused COGS w/KEGS until their thirties.

* 1st Place Regional Business Competition Winner in NFTE, Los Angeles, CA

* 3rd Place, National NFTE Business Competition (out of 20,000 nationwide)

I guess the quote is more funny when you realize that Daniel is speaking of the microwave oven--the gadget highlight of the 'boomers' generation, lol, and COGS refers to Cost of Goods Sold. I had a mentoring session with Daniel for a couple hours the day before his big public speaking gig. He was a little nervous originally because he knew that he could be inspirational and could motivate entrepeneurs even if they were 3 times his age :), but he didn't realize that even though he would be the youngest entrepreneur in the room, he actually had an advantage.

In the end he realized every entrepreneur struggles to learn the business of business and it doesn't matter if you have been in an industry for 3 years or 20, when you start a business, the playing field is level. For Daniel, it was a combination of his naivity about some things along with his understanding of how to expand his brand through the power of social networking and online marketing that made him have NO FEAR and see NO SCALE. These are two of the biggest challenges that ALL entrepeneurs face regardless of age. First figuring out how to leverage their brand locally, let alone globally and second, wondering where to go next and if it doesn't work out, then what? These two things were certainly the least of his worries.

Daniel said that when that 'AHA' moment came, he truly felt liberated because he realized that at the very least the playing field was equal and it is he (or she) who leverages their brand best that wins!

About Daniel Uribe, CEO, Lazer Bearings

Daniel is a skateboarding fanatic who realized that there was probably a lot more $$$ opportunity and less physical pain ;-) involved in starting a company for skateboard enthusiasts as opposed to going pro and trying to get sponsors. So he turned his passion into his business by creating Lazer Bearings, a wholesale and retail company that sells high-performance, ceramic silicon nitrate ceramic bearings for skateboarding and rollerblading. Daniel says that ceramic bearings are lighter, faster, and harder than other bearings – extremely smoothe and resistant to contaminants (whatever that means, lol).

He is currently working through his freshman year at college and trying to get his distribution channels lined up. As he and Derron are in non competing industries that both focus on skateshops and skateboarders, seems that we just might have to go national in 2008 ;-)

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For Media and Interview Requests, please follow this link. Note: Daniel is also fluent in Spanish.

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