Derron Scott, CEO, Rizon Esthetics

Derron Scott, Rizon Esthetics CEO on the Art of Clothing Design
"I see clothing design and fashion as a creative fine art form and it makes me feel that I have left a legacy and connected with people when I see them wearing my pieces."

* 1st Place Regional Winner Spring 2007 NFTE Regional Business Plan Competition Greater Washington DC Area

* 1 of 32 Students (out of 20,000) who advanced to NFTE National Business Plan Competition Fall 2007

Derron Scott, 17, is the mastermind behind Rizon Esthetics. I imagine that right now he is fussing at me because he does not like that picture of him. OH WELL :) it is the only one I have of him where he is wearing a piece of his clothing. It will have to do until we have time to go and get his professional photos taken.

Derron is a High School Senior this year and is very much excited about it. As he is a very reflective and abstract individual it's not surprising that Rizon Esthetics is a socially aware company that creates custom designed limited edition apparel and sneakers using a fusion of freestyle art and design.

Always a very ambitious young person, Derron started drawing at age 2 (a natural talent he shares with his father and his grandfather). He started his business at the age of 12 selling hand designed t-shirts to his middle school classmates. Today his clothing is distributed in coutoure and indie boutiques as well as sporting good apparel stores throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

While I am pushing Derron to get on the Honor Roll this year, for the moment he is very much enjoying be a teenager and is happy that he won 'Homecoming King' for his Senior Class. And his company is currently grossing more than $5,000 a month which is no small feat. However, he thinks that between those 2 things he has convinced me that he is truly an overachiever in other ways and that I need to give him a little slack on his homework. Nice try, but I don't think so ;-)

On the flip side, I will say without second thought that he is an extremely dedicacted and focused entrepreneur. He has been 100% focused on his business since the age of 12. There has been many a nights that he has emailed me at 2 or 3 in the morning with an idea or needing advice on something as he was working hard to get his shirts designed and get his orders ready for delivery the next day. I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed and I can provide some guidance in helping him to further design his business perspective and to get to the next level. I also realize that one day sooner than later, he will probably be teaching me a thing or two about the business of business.

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