Niche Cell Phone Trend

The new niche is the new rich. The time has come for the niche cell phone trend because we no longer have a 'mainstream' audience. Think of the ways that clothing companies make money these days, they mass produce or make it limited edition for a specific type of market. That is what I mean by niche being the new rich. They call them premium customers, which is terrible branding for ever thought of that. When I hear that term I always think of gasoline.

Why The Next Niche Cell Phone Trend Can Be Brand YOU

Let's start small, "relatively speaking". Whether you realize it or not you have everything you want and need to create the next big cell phone trend and get your message and your brand out in the public eye. Smaller niche cell phone application companies and independent developers are trying to get their name out. So they are offering tons of free and low cost software and tools that allow you to make your own ring tones, wallpapers and skins, so for starters leverage them and essentially you can help each other get to the next level. Go ahead, get creative, solve a problem for all your social networking friends and become the next "Whateverlife" success story.

Are You in Your 'Right' Mind?

Then you are a perfect candidate for a 'Brand You' niche cell phone trend creator and Digital Media Producer! As a Creative Thought Leader in the Creative Economy, let me tell you what kind of a cell phone trends I want to see: more things centered around cell phone training and support and more independently owned digital creative media publishing companies. i.e. create your own mini digital movies based on some home grown stories. I have a few ideas of my own, but I know people out there lead a MUCH more interesting and drama infused life than me :) Movies are so corny and predictable these days and reality TV is contrived. Film your own reality and life story no matter how wild, crazy and dysfuntional it is. Who needs therapy? Let life imitate art, f.ree your spirit and be your natural therapy :)

A portable mini cell phone projector: To do mini viewings on the fly until you build your online cult following. I honestly don't know if it will fly because I am having a difficult time thinking of 'practical' uses right now, but it's a thought.

Instead of just creating funny little skits with your friends take it to the next level because you can. You go to the movies and you know that producers are obviously dyeing for some 'real' niche content and good stories that target a certain specific type of consumer. I don't think it'll take much to get started, a decent digital camera, a wanna be author or a good storyteller :), a social networking guru, a CGI programmer, a music download junkie and someone who knows how to make business deals happen. Don't think it could be done? Well check this, I recently traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia where I attended Digital VidFest 2007. I saw the opening night preview of the movie The Sanctuary. Totally loved this niche concept and emerging digital media trend, webisodes converted to a full screen high def movie. Actually it was the first movie made in CGI script converted to high def and shown on the big screen. I am sure the movie was made for a fraction of the cost of a real movie in a fraction of the time but the movie admission ticket cost the same as a 'regular' movie :) Yea, can you see the potential now? But you don't need to make the movie for the big screen, create your own niche cell phone trend instead: make movies for the wee bitty mobile handset screen or tablet pc's or something. That's what trend setting people want, the next big thing that will evolve off the current next big thing. You are so in there. Just put my name in the credits and give me a shout out when you become famous ok?

How Big is Your Little Number?

Never mind how few people you think you could get to buy into your idea. Remember this phrase, think niche, grow rich. So starting with a smaller number is good because that means the growth potential is HUUUGGGGEEE!!!! Besides, understand that with the power of the Internet, there is no such thing as 'scale' and even if you think of your number as 'small', with several hundred million people in the U.S. alone on the Internet, just think of how big your small niche market could be. And that might friend, is how a niche cell phone trend or any kind of trend for that matter, gets started. A little group of people with a big cool idea.

Another Niche Cell Phone Trend Idea from the Mind of Shonika

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