Port a Number With These Quick and EZ Steps

Do you know what it means to port a number (not to be confused with transferring a number)? Porting a phone number is when you transfer your existing phone number from one cellular (on landline company, i.e. your home phone number) to a different cellular company. When you port a number from one cell phone company to another be advised that it will automatically cancel out the account at the previous provider so make sure you are out of contract, otherwise you will be subject to an early termination fee. So essentially if you are porting a number from one cell phone company to another it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you do not request a deactivation of the old phone account or phone number. You can only port active phone numbers. So if you were to request a deactivation of your phone number before you port it, there is a chance that it can be recycled back into the pool and issued to someone else who opens a new account with that company.

How to Port a Number:

1. Check the voice mail messages on the old phone as when you do a port the old phone # voice mail will be ‘disconnected’ and you will need to set up a new voice mail greeting on the new phone.

2. If applicable, know the temporary phone number assigned to the new phone or handheld to which you would like to port your old phone number.

3. Obtain a copy of the first page of the bill that shows the billing information from the account from which you are porting (a copy of the old cell phone account provider’s bill).

4. Get the account password if applicable (if it is from a business account, the authorized contact will have to write a statement releasing that info and fax or email the request to the customer care 'port department'. No worries. It is not a mass fax or email system.

5. Call the customer care department for your new cell phone provider, verify the account by providing your name and account number and last 4 digits of your social security number. Tell the customer care representative you would like to port in a phone number. Most times you will be transferred to another group who specifically handles the port requests.

6. Provide them with old carrier’s (Sprint, T-Mobile, ATT Wireless, Verizon Wireless, etc) billing information and the name of the former cell phone company

7. Provide them with the phone number you would like to port in.

8. Provide them with the IMEI/SIM/ESN or other equipment identifying information that they are asking for. If you do not have the box they can walk you through how to get this information from internally in the handset.

After the port of your number has gone through, expect a transfer time of 2-24 hours. Within that time period you should expect to receive calls on your old phone number and only be able to make outbound calls on your new phone (your ‘temporary’ number will be displayed until the port fully goes through). Some time within the 24 hours you will receive a text message to notify you that the port has been completed or that the new phone is fully active. At this time, turn off both your old phone and your new phone and then one minute later turn back on the new phone. This is called a ‘power cycle’ and it is almost like rebooting a computer after you have installed new software. This allows your new phone to accept the programming changes and the port should fully go through once you power it back on.

9. Congratulations your port is complete. You should be able to make and receive calls on the new cell phone with your old phone number with no problems or worries. :) Be sure to set up your new voice mail so that it has your personal greeting.

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