How to Receive Collect Calls on Cell Phones

Do you want to receive collect calls on your cell phone? The regular cell phone providers don't normally allow you to do this because they have to be able to 'bill' the call somewhere and since they are charging you 'regular' airtime minutes it is hard to include an added cost.

So in order to accept collect calls you will have to go through a 3rd party company such as

800 Call For Less

How it works is:

1. The caller wanting to make the collect call dials a toll free number and gets an operator.

2. They have to tell the operator your cell phone number.

3. The operator contacts you and has to take a credit card or check card number. Note: If you don't have a credit card or check card you should contact Western Union at 1-800-325-6000 and ask them about Corrections Collection Program.

4. The operator connects your call and you are then billed 25 cents per minute while you are on the call. It is a little more if it is an international call.

5. This link will provide you with the toll free phone number and more details on how the process works.

Also realize that when the person is talking to you that you are still being charged for actual use of your minutes, so try to use night and weekend minutes whenever you can :)

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